About Yachts NW

Larry Abraham, owner and founder of Yachts NW LLC, has been in the boating industry for over 28 years; he started out working for Olympic Boat Center in Fife, Washington, in 1990. His passion for boating was what brought him into the industry and has kept him there ever since. He made a hobby of waterskiing every day and loved every aspect of power boats, from ski boats and wakeboard boats to cruisers, yachts, single-engine boats, double-engine boats, and boats for living out on the water.

Today, Larry is a dedicated family man and has since raised four daughters on the water. His passion for boats has never waned, and he now enjoys implementing fun into people’s lives by introducing them to everything the world of boating has to offer. Whether you are a veteran of the yachting industry or a first-time buyer, Larry offers a wealth of knowledge about a wide range of marine vehicles, from ownership and maintenance to loading, launching and operation of even the largest yachts.

Larry loves helping clients who are new to the yachting world by introducing them to a boat that they will love and that will encompass all of the water sports and activities they enjoy. By sharing his vast knowledge and industry experience, Larry is especially adept at putting his clients at ease and taking the intimidation out of the boat-buying process for new or inexperienced buyers. In fact, many of Larry’s repeat clients were first-time yacht buyers that have fallen in love with boating and continued to come back to Larry to upgrade to bigger boats!

Larry takes pride in building good, long-term relationships with his clients by providing an unparalleled level of service every time. If you have questions or would like assistance with any of your boating needs, contact Larry today.

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